Inhale and Exhale..Again…

Today I spent most of my morning at the doctor’s office. I have dropped some weight by their scale. Which is never right.

I spoke with my doctor and caught her up on the things that had kept me away. I was suppose to have all this done by the summer this year. I told her about the breathing and the pain I was having. She made me do some deep breathing and by the time she was done I started having the lower lobe pain. She did do a allergy work up from Feb. of this year. She look back over her notes and I was complaining then as well.  So for the mean time she gave me a inhaler for use for running only. I have never used one before. I have to go for a 6 minute walk test. That is where they put a heart monitor on me, and a o2 sat. That watches my O2 to make sure my O2 is not dropping and how high my heart rate goes. Which I already know my heart rate.

Plus I have to schedule a Pulmonary Function test and a chest x ray. Which I am not to sure about what all is entailed. I will find out. She redid all my labs,made me redo a ekg. My ekg was fine with no change in rate or rhythm. From Feb. this year to now, I have dropped 2% body fat like the Wii said I did. Kinda scary how the Wii, and the body bug numbers are almost the same as my Doctor.

Then we did the VO2Max. All this was a 10 minutes breathing test. It tells how much your metabolism is burning or not. To my surprise I do not have a slow burn. Mine is considered fast compare to other in my age group and activity level. it says I have a daily burn of 2768. I need to have a intake of 1500-1899 to loose weight. Almost the same as the body bug. With that, she said that i am making it up in the fat content of what I am eating. I maybe getting the calorie numbers right but I need to lower my fat intake. She also wants to to try reducing my protein intake. First tract my protein intake and fat intake. Then reduce those numbers. I told her Some day I have such a hard time making the calorie count and she said that could be all of the problem too. Now I have to go see a nutritionist. She gave me four different ones that work with her weight loss program and they are also runners. I want one that understands the training and running.

This is the VO2 Max breathing machine.

Oh BTW, I am going to be off in Jan.2011. I have quotes out for the resorts, and I will be registering for the Goofy in 2 weeks. My asst.nurse manger said I was getting it one way or another.

With all this information and some results I was not expecting, now maybe I can work on a adjusting my calorie burn number. It will be awesome to actually run and have no pain. Possibly drop a few more pounds.

I will try out the inhaler tomorrow morning. I am feeling a bit better. I did 15 minutes of upper body resistance.  Then I have to set appointments and crunch new numbers and really watch what is going in my mouth.

Here’s to getting the numbers down and getting the speed up!

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2 Responses to Inhale and Exhale..Again…

  1. MikeF says:

    I hope you are able to get everything in order so you can get yourself where you feel you need to be. And thats great to hear you got the time off. Keep moving forward.


  2. wdwalone says:

    First – yeah Goofy!!!! Can’t wait until I see the I am registered post!

    My friend uses an inhaler for working out only. It’s helped her a lot and I can totally tell when we run/walk together when she’s used it or not. It just helps open up her lungs so she feels like she’s getting air.

    Fat and protein – makes sense. Of course, it’s all easier said than done right? I hope you find a nutritionist that is a true runner or athlete that understands the ups and downs of training, etc….I think that would make a huge difference in how eating is approached….I wish I could just make myself be good in general :).

    Keep working hard!


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