Yes Or No That Simple

First I didn’t get nothing done last night. To many “other”things going on. Today I over slept and missed my continue ED class. Now I have to wait till next month.

I finally got into the Team Voice word press page I was working on. Changed it up so I don’t have to go through that mess again.

I will be seeing my doctor next Tuesday. I will also be taking the VO2 max test. More labs. Spoke to the boss and assist. nurse manager about Jan.2011. I shown them the cost, and why I had such concern over paying for it.  Then I was asked,”Does your whole family go?” I said yes. FJ likes to do the half marathons and this is the only time we ever see the real FJ. That is why we go so much.  I want to do the Goofy for me. “That’s wonderful, and your crazy.” SO IS IT GOING TO BE A PROBLEM??? I do not fore see a problem. YES OR NO?? I don’t see it being a problem. SO what does that mean??  Holy Cats really!!

I will register after I see the doctor. I want to see the results of the new test. The plan on my breathing issues.

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2 Responses to Yes Or No That Simple

  1. wdwalone says:

    Hope you get to do the Goofy and that the doctor has some good information for you.


  2. Justin says:

    Good luck with the Doc. If you’re cleared, good luck with the Goofy.


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