Just Another Day

Saturday work was so slow I hard a hard time staying awake on my drive home. I got home as I just passed out. So I did not get to do a thing.

Sunday I get home, and I finished up watching Pirates At World’s End. While watching that I did a complete upper body work out. I know it was at least 30 minutes. I am a bit sore today but that’s ok.

Today I was canceled and I got to stay home. I did alot of nothing, but sleep. Then We did 6 miles tonight. We did the running intervals. Started out at 3/2. We had to reverse it and do 2/3. My lungs were hating me. The lower lobes are still burning. By mile 4.4 I was spent. My lungs just would not go. I couldn’t get a full breathe. So we walked the rest and it was hard. I finished.  Then after I cooled off. I did some resistant band workout. Again the arms are going to be a bit sore. With that I am setting a doctor apt. for next week.

So far this week I am up to 1:92:17 for workout hours, and 8 miles for the week.

I have been looking around for a wheel chair. I have to try where I work their thrift store. I will do that on Thursday, when I go in for my Continued ed. I can push a wheel chair quite well. I work in a hospital. I have even had my hand in helping with pushing out some that weigh in 500+. Plus some of my teen years I had to use a chair. 🙂

I have been on my calories more and it has been hard. I forgot how much I had to eat all the time.

I have some studying to do tomorrow. I dislike test. I have also noticed that whom ever had hacked my original Team Voice e-mail account they also locked me out of my Team Voice page I have been working on. I am waiting some help to see if I can get back in and reclaim my site.

Have a great week!

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1 Response to Just Another Day

  1. wdwalone says:

    Hope the Dr can help with the lungs. My friend uses an inhaler right before working out and it helps here a lot – it just opens up the airways and allows her to get deeper, better breathes.

    I wish I still had a manual chair I could send you…I only have power chairs left at the house from my parents…Hopefully you can find a reasonable one. I hear you on the large patients – thankfully I only did the hospital routine for a very short time many years ago, but I remember pushing some large patients…Not to mention my Dad was up to 350 at times. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

    Sounds like you’re doing great with workouts and miles. Keep at it with the calories – my downfall this week.

    Don’t forget to let us know when you find out the plans for January!!!!


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