Up and Down

Things have been a bit of like a roller coaster ride here. We are up then down, and a sudden curve to the left and then to the right. Drama, then no drama. Then a big drop, right back in to the drama. Plus my sinuses  are making my head hurt so bad. My right side of my head is is the worst. My ear feels plugged, and noise and moving make it hurt. Great! No miles this week. Not feeling well to do it. I have to get out and get 6 in tonight.

I do not know bout the rest of you, I have dusted of my pin bag{s} and I have been going through them to see what I have, and do not have. {it’s like opening a birthday gift} I am collecting the original cast lanyard sets. Not to many more left to get.

I got sucked into the vinyls. I have been collecting the holiday ones. I have 2 extras I plan on trading in 2 weeks. I have noticed that one of our good friends have been drawing stuff for vinyls!! I totally must have. I found a series of Mickey mouse as different characters. Mickey as Jack Skellington, Jack Sparrow, and others. I found out they were only released in Japan.

2 weeks from today on today, I will be in Hollywood studios hanging out with my friends, and family!!! {as long as the boss lady doesn’t mess up my schedule}  I had to plead with her, this is my down time, my stress relief before season starts! Now everything is paid for gee I may not get to go??? I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the new schedule to come out. My co worker and I even made it were I didn’t have to use any vacation days. I will be work 3 twelves but so worth it!!

I am waiting for a reply, and Is she going to do that to me in Jan. I don’t want to put out for the race and can’t go. That’s why I haven’t paid it as of yet.

So I have been on a roller coaster ride waiting. Schedule ends less than a week. This is driving me batty!!

Has anyone got their final race instructions? Also anyone else notice that they haven’t posted the link to the after party??  What’s with that??

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We love All things Disney,Star Wars and great gadgets. If you want something from The World let me know. Maybe we can help. Home of Lil Chewie.
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2 Responses to Up and Down

  1. Richard says:

    That bites on the schedule, I sure hope it works out for you.
    Here’s hoping your next roller coaster ride is at WDW is 2 weeks, and with no extra drama before then.
    I have not yet seen anything in the way of final instructions either.


  2. wdwalone says:

    That sucks that you’re having problems with the schedule. I hate waiting to find out if things are okay on that front.

    I collect pins but don’t trade and I bought my first vinyl – a little keychain of Goofy. Won’t get many, but I have seen a few that I think are very cool!

    Hope things settle soon!


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