Wednesday Hump Day

This has been a tough week. It started out good, then we get a phone call,”E and Mom can I come get my stuff?” “I am moving out.” HOLY F’N CATS!   Really?? I can’t stop FJ from doing this.  So fj came and moved out.

He has been in school, the school therapist let’s know that he has been there, and he’s ok. So we have not had him here officially now for 4 days.  I know  the drama was out of control, and I knew this day was coming. WOW!

E has been having car trouble, so we got home late on Monday. What a mess. Work is well work.

I just can not wait to go to Disney in October. I mean the count down is on. I am so looking forward to getting away.I want to loose my voice again on TOT.

Sept. 12th is a local 5k Firefighter 5k here. I got the day off and I am going. Alot of co workers are going too. I hear it is a really nice 3 miles. Jeff Galloway is running in it too. How cool is that??  I do believe that is the next Skype meet too.  Yeah!!!

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4 Responses to Wednesday Hump Day

  1. wdwalone says:

    Wow – talk about drama. You have it there in spades. I hope things are settling down and that everyone’s okay with the changes.

    Sorry to hear about the car troubles. That always sucks!

    I hear you about October – I’m super excited about this one too. It should be a lot of fun and great to see everyone.

    Jeff Galloway – that’s cool. I really like him. Sounds like a fun 5K. Yep, that’s the next Skype call too…That’s going to be tough for me as my great neice’s 2nd bday party is an hour after the call starts. Not sure how I’m going to do this all yet :)!


  2. Fee says:

    Yeah, you definitely have all the drama happening there… How are things now, a few days later?

    I cannot wait for October!! I am so looking forward to it – can’t wait to see everyone, and it sounds like a lot of people will be there too…


  3. Richard says:

    I sure hope you can have some drama-fee time coming your way. I’ve been through the sudden move out drama, so I know some of what you’ve been through there (though my circumstances were different, albeit with their own brand of drama).
    Hope to see you “darma-free” in October at W&D.


  4. Richard says:

    LOL!! “drama-free” not “darma-free”
    (stupid @#$% keyboard)


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