Happy Sunday

What an off week. But what can you do. Start new today. It is already raining so I do not know if I will get outside for a run today.Kids go back to school Monday.  I have to go back to that 4 letter word tomorrow.

I found some protein powder I can drink. It sure doesn’t taste the greatest, can’t hide the taste of protein. I also found the new perform drink made by Ironman. It is made for multisport athlete. No corn syrup ,no high fruitcose, it is higher in electrolytes. Doesn’t taste bad. Less calories than the other brands.

We went to the Disney ware house here ,and I picked up a new vinylmation. Actually 2. And I ended up the same 2!!! SO now I have some to trade when we go in October.  I am collecting the holiday ones. Then I am going to start on the park ones. I hope they have one for the Wine and Dine and for the 5k. They did for the marathon in Jan.2010.   =)

Have a great Sunday!

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4 Responses to Happy Sunday

  1. Chris says:

    I hear ya on the “4 letter word”… I don’t know what it is lately, but I just don’t have the same umph for it that I used to.

    Raining here as well. Lorraine was going out for a “brick”? but going to hold off for a bit. Rest day for me.

    Sounds like you found a protein powder, but let me know if you need a recommendation, got a couple for the nutritionist/body builder dude in my MBA class. 🙂 Funny you mention High Fructose….this guy would preach to us everyday about how evil it is! LOL

    Haven’t checked e-mail but noticed there was something from you about Ironman, guessing it’s a link, thanks!


  2. Fee says:

    They did Vinylmation in January? I have to admit that I bought my first one in Paris…and I can’t wait for more! I’m a sucker!

    And you’re doing good with everything that’s going on – glad you got your new protein shake. It was raining here today and I was going to go for a run, but I chickened out and will go tomorrow…even though the forecast is rain again! Although, if I lived in the heat of Florida, I would look at the rain as a blessing!


  3. wdwalone says:

    I hear you on the dreaded four letter word. It sucks when you dread it over your days off that you have to go back…UGH!

    That’s awesome that you found a protein shake you can stand. I don’t mind Muscle Milk Light (Strawberry) a half serving, but it’s still not my favorite thing to drink.

    Glad you like the Ironman performance drink. I’ve been seeing more and more Ironman products around – very cool!


  4. MikeF. says:

    Man oh Man I hear ya on that 4 letter word. It has been raining here also. For a recovery protien drink I have been using the one from EAS. It uses soy protien and I have been pretty happy with it. Keep Moving Forward.


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