Goal Is Set,Game On

I know I haven’t posted to much lately. Getting kiddo ready for school. Like today, band is playing at freshman orientation. Then pick up books,schedule, bus route. We found out the band my not be going to the away football games. If that’s the case, kiddo is coming in October.

Here is a photo of my goal outfit.

Nothing fancy, but has a message to remind me of what I am looking to accomplish in 2011. Shirt fits great,shorts on the other hand, can not fasten. Yet. I have to get under 195 lbs. I bought it at the Ironman expo in May. It’s only 8 weeks til Kona. I have to make sure I am off that day to watch it live again on the internet. Once I can get through the swim, I am good. So I will have to figure out what to do. We went to the beach the other night from my work, and we were talking, and E said we are just gonna have to start swimming out here to the buoy and back. He’s right. The pool isn’t crap to the open water.

I have to get through the Goofy in Jan. before I can solely concentrate on swimming competitively.

Got to get my hill training in today, plus my 4 miles I didn’t get in yesterday. We had some drama. Plus we are moving stuff around for a new look, and planning for halloween!!

Have a great day!! Weight loss and training updated!

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2 Responses to Goal Is Set,Game On

  1. wdwalone says:

    I love your goal outfit – it’s perfect! I love that it makes a statement and it will help keep you motivated – you can totally do it.

    Have you signed up for Goofy? I am starting to get back on track in terms of miles (finally) and I know that January will be here before we know it and I can’t wait!

    The tri guy at work is an animal. He traveled to Riga, Latvia for work recently. Ran 12 miles where he found a lake, jumped in, did his swim and ran 12 miles back to the hotel. He routinely bikes to work, goes out in 110 degree heat at noon and runs, walks or bikes, etc…I wish I had half of his energy I’m telling you. His next tri is in Sept – his ironman is in Nov! He says the same thing about the water – practice in open water. The pool is fine, but until you get over the fear of the open water it will prevent you from doing your best. Besides – I know you can do it!

    Hope the drama settles, the house is rearranged, Halloween plans are in order and you get some good workouts in :)!


  2. Chris says:

    “You’re a superstar, don’t you forget just who you are…” I truely believe that Rae, and I think we’ve all got a little of that in us. 😉

    Please, please, please remind me when the Ironman is going to be on so I can try to get it as well. So is that the live feed? and then NBC does their broadcast after that? It’s the most motivational video I have ever seen, can’t get enough of it… I would still love to do it one of these years. Aiming for next year to get a bike and start traiing for the small stuff in prep for the larger ones, 70.3’s and such. We’ll see though. Keep up the training, sounds like you have the right attitude and are getting to your goal. Goofy is going to be awesome!


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