Little Black Rain Cloud

This past week was just one of those weeks you wish that never happen.

I have been having a hard time making it past the fact I missed registering for the Wine and Dine Half.  Some of my co workers have been trying to get me to do some local 5k’s. I might because they asked me to.

My work is back up and open. My floor will not be closing anytime soon. They closed a different unit to prep it to reopen as a heart unit. So that means we will be getting it all!!That makes it hard on me, for training I nearly instantly fall asleep when I get home,or have to deal with drama.

Speaking of drama, Holy Cats!!!

I like WordPress. I like how I can design my own page,my header, make it work to fit me not what fits them. I like I can add pages,and make each one for a different subject. Like the picture above is one that we took on one of our many trips to the World. There is still a lot I have to learn, like add the Google followers page and get flikr to show just my photos. Under the page as Weight loss and training that is where I am going to post my monthly goals broken down in to weeks, and then later come back and post what I have done and not done. I was thinking maybe to move Team Voice over here too. I will have to get with everyone and see what we all think. =)

Word Press is also Iphone friendly. Download the app. and post from it when we are out and about.{yes Mike there is an app. for that}

I am going to work real hard on making that little black rain cloud that has been following me go away so I can get back on track.

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3 Responses to Little Black Rain Cloud

  1. wdwalone says:

    Sure sounds like we’re having similar issues with drama ruling life and interfering with our plans.

    Guess we’re going to have to get busy and take time for ourselves arent’ we?

    Glad you like WordPress. I might have to look in to this or something else as well. I hate being tied to templates. I can create my own web pages, but just haven’t had time to do it.

    I was going to ask about the followers, but I just added you using the URL :)!

    Hang in there kiddo and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.


  2. MikeF says:

    Man I hear ya about that silly little rain cloud. Battling that thing here also. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward.


  3. DebWDW says:

    Hang in there buddy! I haven’t run in two weeks because of a crazy schedule, but I’m still going to do 5K this weekend. My time will be terrible, but I’m still glad I’m going to do it. And you ARE a runner, by the way. You really need to edit your slogan!


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