Bright Suns Smile Today

This last week has just been another experience we will not soon forget.  I shared a wonderful video of my grandson.  Never ever thought it would go viral.

We went to Disney Hollywood Studios over to the Launch Bay. That is where you can get photos with some of the Star Wars characters.  We all wore something Star Wars. Lil Chewie wore a Chewbacca Outfit and Grandpa wore a Han Solo shirt. We thought that would be neat to wear while seeing Chewbacca. My other one was not so happy about seeing Chewie.

The Line wasn’t long. Chewbacca came over to us when he was ready to see us. Chewbacca tried to interact with my older grandchild. Nope.. not having it.  the older one stayed in the back ,while they were interacting, all the sudden you hear Lil Chewie belly laugh. I looked up and Chewbacca was so excited.  That’s when I noticed there was no Photopass photographer in the room. Just the photo box.  I started to record. Was in amazement and surprise that our grandson just went head over heels for Chewbacca.

Here is the video. Please note, if you want to inquire about the video you can go to

Please enjoy watching. We do.

Again any inquires about the video please go to

May the Force Be With You.


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For Holidays

So since we are coming up on the holiday season at much a rapid pace. I decided to sell Avon .

This will take you to my e-store. They have some cute stuff for Christmas.

This ceramic light up Christmas tree.

It so so cute. It takes batteries. No fuss, no muss. Easy set up. Just take it out of the box. Put in the batteries and you’re done.

Love it. It’s not super big, or small. Not heavy.

That’s my 6splus next to it. Kinda get an idea of the size of it.

It goes on sale this coming Tuesday.

Check out my e – store and I can answer questions . I will write about another piece later this week.

And if you send me your e mail, I can get you a code for $5 off of your order. It will be fun to meet new people .

Till the Spire.


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Poison Apple Pop Corn Bucket

This is a really great pop corn bucket.

Nice in size . Holds a lot of popcorn.

The lid lights up. This is going to be a fun bucket for Halloween. You’ll come to my house and have to pick your own goodie. But you won’t know what your getting .

The mug next to it is the poison Apple mug. It glows on the dark. It’s a hardy mug. Fun to use.

R2 like them too. My little bit thinks of them as scary. She wasn’t really interested in them.

Would you trust this poison Apple?

Holidays are coming.


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