The Sausagoula FloatWorks and Food Factory

This past weekend we were at Walt Disney World.  Friday we picked a new place to go eat at. So we went to Port Orleans French Quarter . At night it is well lit. Looked very pretty .

We go over to The Sausagoula Floatworks and Food Factory.

It’s the quick service dining. We all tried something new. It was the first time in years, I have had Fettuccine Alfredo. They had a gluten free option for the pasta.


My husband got the regular fettiucine alfredo. My Mom decided to get the shrimp Alfredo .  They cook the Alfredo sauce right in front of you. As you can see here the Chief is cooking up a fantastic sauce and putting it all together.


Here the CM is asking if we want fresh grated Parmesan on top. Yes please.


So it takes a few minutes before you get your food. It’s steaming hot. Served in a glass bowl, real silverware. Smells amazing.


They have the updated soda machines. These are my favorite. I don’t drink soda, but these have the seltzer water in them. Awesome!img_2578

We go to find us a place to sit down, well I was really disappointed.

I had to wipe down and clean my own table. The dinning staff was there but they were just standing around chatting with each other. They watched me wipe off my table. Didn’t even offer to do it.  Very disappointing. This is a Moderate resort. I expect more from them. img_2577

First impressions are everything. A lot if my friends loved this place. After this experience, I don’t think I would want to stay here.


I didn’t realize the pictures are blurry, but that table is dirty. And the Dinning room CM’s just standing around.

We didn’t let them over shadow our meal. The food was fantastic. You can use you Tables and Wonderland Discount. This is one Dinning plan credit.


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Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

 With all the Star Wars Rise of the Resistance hype. We are coming up on the opening of Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway.

It’s opening on March 4th. I plan on being there for the opening.

So… since it’s going to be a technical logical experience similar to Rise of the Resistance, I believe Disney will be doing virtual boarding passes for this ride. This will be interesting to see with the Rise of the resistance boarding pass early birds and then adding in the early birds for Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway . How jam pack is it going to be ?

By what Disney is saying, the ride is going to be a family friendly ride. All heights can ride. That’s great. Something more to do as a family unit .

I found a YouTube video from Sept. 2019 about how the ride lay out is going to be. The video will go to about seven minutes and fifteen seconds all about the Railway ride and then it will go to Talking about Frozen two.

Enjoy the video. Video credit to Dsny newscast.

Any comments or discussion will be great . Thoughts? It will be interesting to see how this will unveil.


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