Poison Apple Pop Corn Bucket

This is a really great pop corn bucket.

Nice in size . Holds a lot of popcorn.

The lid lights up. This is going to be a fun bucket for Halloween. You’ll come to my house and have to pick your own goodie. But you won’t know what your getting .

The mug next to it is the poison Apple mug. It glows on the dark. It’s a hardy mug. Fun to use.

R2 like them too. My little bit thinks of them as scary. She wasn’t really interested in them.

Would you trust this poison Apple?

Holidays are coming.


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It’s Broke

Found out over the weekend I fractured my thumb.

I fell couple weeks ago. We have been redoing the inside of our house. And I tripped over boxes and stuff . Not quit sure how I landed on my hand but I did.

The rest of me has got better. My hand has become more painful.

This week trying to get in and see a hand doctor.

I do strongman. I can’t lift currently.

Ice, elevation, and passive finger exercises. Learning to be right handed it tough. Cooking. Lol cracking a egg is just … messy. Writing looks like a third grader. 🤣🙄

First broken bone in my life time. New adventure.


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Jedi Holocrons

Today I am featuring the Jedi Holocrons from Disney’s Galaxy Edge. You can find them in the Dok Ondar’s Den of antiquities .

It’s like the one from Rebels. It sounds just like it. It’s truly awesome. This video the holocron does not have a crystal in it. The crystals change the Holocrons color, how it sounds and reacts. The Holocrons hold history of the Jedi .

Here you can see we are going to use the white crystal.

And it changes. Now we are going to see who talks in the holocron.

Sooo cool. Can you tell who it is??

This is really neat.

One more….

Amazing! This has by far one of my favorites to date.

The white crystal is Ashoka Tano .

Tomorrow we will do the sith holocron with the white crystal.

Until the Spire.


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